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Meet the photographer

Meet the Photographer

Hi, I'm Andrea a Boudoir photographer. I've been a headshot and portrait photographer in Gaithersburg, MD for several years. I started my boudoir journey when a client of mine asked me to shoot images of her to celebrate her divorce proceedings. 

The session was such an empowering and motivational day that she asked me to consider offering boudoir to my clients. 

I've always believed in empowering women. Some want to use labels like a feminist. However, I  am an advocate and a self-professed cheerleader for all women. Women wear so many hats, have to conform to so many standards it's easy for a woman to lose sight of herself. I know because I was that woman. Boudoir Portraiture helps build self-confidence, promotes body positivity, and empowers women to stand in their truth and sexiness. 

Boudoir Photographer in Gaithersburg, MD

What Clients Are Saying

" I felt comfortable and confident during our session. When I saw the images during my reveal session I didn't know I could look so beautiful" 


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