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How to prepare for your Boudoir Session!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

At BlckBelladonna Boudoir Photography our sessions are customized to achieve an experience geared towards empowerment to boost your self-esteem.

Each consultation allows me to create a customized boudoir session. BlackBelladonna Boudoir Photography offers our clients a list of lingerie/intimate apparel suggestions to purchase for your boudoir session.

Each client is required to bring at least three choices to bring to your boudoir session. Bra and Panties set will be a great option. Having a great push-up bra is an added benefit.

Additional garments: Leather jacket, Trench Coat, White button-down men shirt.

Accessories: Pearl necklaces think long and think layers. Diamond earrings, diamond choker, stockings, garter belts, whips, large hats, thigh-high boots, stilettos heels.

Before your session, the following is a requirement:

Waxing, nails, and hair

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